Until they hit second level, druids are sadly somewhat weaker compared to other spellcasting lessons in D&D bugbear 5e races, with the number of spells a druid can initially learn rather restricted. Nevertheless, they more than make up for it once they achieve Wild Shape and the ability to turn into other creatures.

Whichever circle you choose in your druid is determined by everytime you want them to be a pure beast-reworking machine or to have extra spellcasting choices later down the road. Neither possibility is a foul one, however it may have a major influence on how your druid develops with every level increase, so it’s an essential choice.

The Fighter is the all-round fight expert of DnD. They will choose up nearly any weapon and focus their construct in just about any route that all Fighters will feel like a very different class. Enjoyable truth: my current group is nearly all fighters and so they didn’t understand they were enjoying the identical class until a number of sessions into the marketing campaign. Compared to the implausible abilities of spellcasting though, hitting things within the face with a sword time and again can get a bit boring except you’re really into that form of factor.