Shadar-kai will sometimes take names from elves or people, but they often take names of heroes from their own folks or great warriors they respect from outside their people. Female Names: Afyn, Bahnka, Codruta, Doru, Ghita, Helayna, Ilvani, Lucya, Markella, Roduka, Zyna. Age. A Shadar-kai reaches adulthood at the age of 20 and generally stay until they die from their excessive life or fade away centuries after their delivery. Alignment. Most Shadar-kai are chaotic impartial, however lean in direction of evil.

It is important to access the obtainable guild corridor for making extra coins, assembly the potential allies, and patrons. For maintaining the guild membership, it is crucial to pay dues around 5 GP/month. It’s essential to make the most of any of the artisan instruments types and proficient in Persuasion and Perception. Users can learn some other further language aside from their bugbear 5e races’ frequent language.

People are usually shaped by core memories, major events in their lives that made them who they are right now. Even if your character is just a “fighter who loves fighting”, how did they get that manner. Had been they impressed by some nice hero? Was their dad or mum a master of a martial art? How did they get from the place they were to the place they are actually? You don’t need to fill in all the blanks, the bad guy who burned your city can stay “some dangerous guy”, it’s higher to be a bit vague and paint in broad strokes so you can work with your DM later to fill in those blanks. However for now, attempt to provide you with 2-3 core events in your character’s life that outline who they’re. Now that you have your backstory’s events written up, now it is best to work together with your DM to tie them into the journey.